For every level of support desired

"Nicole is the most intuitive coach I've ever worked with--something deeply innate and cosmic,

is always at play in her sessions.

She has an X-Ray sense of what is blocking her clients.

Her heart is positively enormous, as is her brain and wit.

She establishes the safest of spaces and the softest landings.

Her between-session practices and integration are potent and doable.

And if you appreciate brilliant sense of humor, she's got that, too.

Her humanity and skills combine in the most transformative coaching possible."

~Erika K.

Book Club

Profound Ideas, Excellent Company, Stimulating Discussions

First Wednesday Evening of the month at 5pm mountain time

Free Admission

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“...I trusted Nicole’s intuition and process to lead me, not only where I wanted to go,

but on to places I could not imagine from where I was.

For me, Nicole is a magical guide.

I have worked through one of her programs, and have gone on to work with her as I progess...I have grown immensely through her coaching.

She’s given me guidance and so many tools I can call on as a result.

Nicole is amazing and I highly recommend her. In fact, I do, on a regular basis!"


Embodied Sovereign Goddess Community

Live sessions twice a month, free 1:1 coaching drawings, live interactions in our posts, empowering community

with profound courses to

build energetic and emotional sovereignty.


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"Profound. Definitely feeling different, quantifiably so. Magical."

~Cyntia K 

Human Design Readings

Powerfully seeing and understanding the self.

Embrace your super powers that have been shamed and blamed.

Know your authority and how you are designed separate from all the conditioning of upbringing and culture.

1 hour recorded session

$250 Investment

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"She was so attuned and present with me during the session and knew how to ask just the right questions that got my wheels turning, moving, and transforming. I'm so grateful to her and her work!"

~Miyara Rose,

Embodied Sovereign Cohort Coaching

Delving into love, shadows and thriving through the body, mind and meditative practices. You'll be surprised what this flushes up and delighted with the ripples it creates in every facet of your life.

4 month container

1 hour sessions weekly

$2k Investment

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"I felt immediately drawn to Nicole and thought she could help me on a deeper level.

While I don’t understand exactly what she does or how, I just decided to take a leap.

Improvements, OMG! So much! I'm able to work with my energy much more purposefully than ever.

I'd learned how to 'ride the wave' in earlier teachings, but I hadn't realized how powerful it could be to purposefully run my energy while receiving. It's given me a glimpse of how much more I can create!

Working with Nicole is Fun! Freeing! So damn challenging! The absolute highlight of my week.

The thing I love best is that she welcomes whatever I come to her with, with the same loving playful curiosity!"

~Judi O

Awakened Goddess 1:1 coaching

Trauma-informed, Empowering, Nurturing, Embodied Transformation

This is where you want to be when you are completely done with patterns and all into creating new ones, NOW!

1 hour sessions, twice a month

2 hr/week individual practices

3 months of a nurturing container

Access to the Embodied Sovereign Goddess Community and Emotional Alchemy Classes

$2k Investment

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"Nicole is an amazing space holder. She's gentle, nurturing and held me with incredible depth in our sessions.

I felt like I was really heard, appreciated and honored for the woman that I am.

Thank you, Nicole, your service to me has been invaluable.

" ~Devika D

"[Nicole], I’m really grateful for you and all that you did to help me and love me through this.

I’m grateful for the way that you facilitated…

I'm really grateful for the time and care and attention you gave me through all the ups and downs.

It was an honor working with you."

~Chrissy S

"Nicole is the healer's healer."

~Andrea A

"Everyone needs a Nicole in their life."

~Brecca S

"Nicole uplifts with her brilliance when I most need it. She's one of the

ninja magicians who just makes you feel better.

I honestly don't know how she does it."

~Linda A

"I just love your unconditional acceptance of all the emotions that arise.

It is a humongous and beautiful gift that I am learning through your course.

It is blessing me AND all the clients I work with as

I learn to see their energies through eyes of appreciation and mercy.

Our survival mechanisms are so elegant and imaginative!

I appreciate your experience and insights!"

~Sybil P