Embodiment Support

The story of my journey to a healthy relationship with supportive food

The high strangeness that shaped my diet in 2008.

Why I started eating raw vegan in 2023

My experience with and how I did a 14 day juice fast to reset my microbiome and allow my intestines to start absorbing nutrients again

What I've discovered so far with Vata doshas, O blood types and Human Design PHS systems and raw vegan lifestyles

My detox experience, which takes up to 2 years, thus far.

5 months in update: Detox comes in waves.

I seem to be experiencing all of my injuries and illnesses in a micro-reverse.

Digestion is easy and then experiences some hiccups.

Acne, which I received daily antibiotics for as a teenager for years, is finally simmering down after some intentional rerouting its expression.

A compilation of videos I've found supportive to expand my awareness of what is possible:

Raw Vegan Body Builder who doesn't even take supplements https://youtu.be/SbEUHCU_GtM?si=zbivK7Ctz6Z92m-4

Lou Corona has been raw vegan for over 50 years, interview by Gillian Berry https://youtu.be/z0MKlNjq2ZE?si=kjt3RwoL5pHtZLFh

John Kohler invites expansive thinking rather than dogmatic with why raw vegan works and why he includes certain cooked foods for his health


If you'd appreciate a large supportive community to help you transition your mindset and belief system around food, this is the gathering of like minded beings I joined.